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Here we will discuss some common problems of an air conditioner-

• First of all you should check all the relevant fuses and circuit breakers. Reset the breaker if required.

• Low refrigerant is one of the grave problems of an air conditioner. It generally results due to an undercharged unit during installation. The refrigerant could leak out from the holes in the coils. The leaks should be detected and repaired.

• Filter of an air conditioner requires to be cleaned at regular intervals. They can get clogged with debris and lowers the air flow. This results in inadequate cooling. It also affects the compressor and leads to icing up of the evaporator coils.

• Also check if the batteries of thermostat have run out. An un-working thermostat can cause an array of functional problems for the air conditioner. It should be calibrated properly. The wires form the AC should connect to terminals of the thermostat.

• The condensate drain of the air conditioner should be checked regularly to ensure that it is not clogged. A clogged drain will stop the machine to function.

If you checked all these parameters but could not detect any problem they fault lies deeper and require professional intervention. You need to contact a reliable HVAC contractor for A/c repair then you will get the top names from our website. When you hire the expert and certified contractor listed in out website, you can rest assured that you are getting someone who has proven his skills time and again.

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