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Blog Title: What are the benefits of insulating ductwork?
What are the benefits of insulating ductwork?
Category: Air Conditioning Supply Post By: HELEN K (Memphis, TN), 01/06/2017

"Air duct insulation is important so that we can ensure that the air that is traveling through the ducts remains at the desired temperature and there is no air leakage. Besides this, there are several other benefits associated with air duct insulation. They are the following: • Air duct insulation saves energy. This is because losing of heat or coolness from the air is minimized which turn is converted to energy savings. • It prevents condensation from taking place onto the surface of air ducts. • Insulation of ductwork increases comfort • Occurrence of strange noises is reduced by insulating air ducts • Insulation of air ducts proves beneficial to the environment "

- JOYCE J (Wichita, KS), 01/09/2017
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