How To Prevent Air Handler Condensation?

Sweating of the air handler is a very common problem in the southern states of the US. This is on account high humidity level is these regions. However, in this context you should know that moisture in the air is only a contributor in sweating. The phenomenon is mainly caused due to interaction between the hot air with cool metal surface. The hot and humid room air comes to evaporator coils which contain cool refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the air and makes it cold. But as the hot air comes into contact with cool metal surface of the coils that contain the refrigerant, condensation happens. This causes sweating. It is quit natural but you have to keep in mind two things. The condensate drain should work properly to drain out the condensation forming on the coil. And secondly the ducts of the air handler should be properly insulated, if they are passing through unconditioned spaces. Otherwise humid air and dust will trickle inside. You can do the following to prevent sweating –

Insulate the crawl space

If your air handler is mounted in crawlspace or any other unconditioned spaces of the house then insulate those areas properly. Sealing will prevent the humid air from outside to get into the crawl space. It will eliminate or at least bring down the sweating problem in the exposed parts of the air handler.

Buy a Dehumidifier

If you are living in the southern states of the US, having a humidifier in the house is a pre requisite. Install one in the crawl space as well. It will maintain the correct humidity level in the house which will prevent sweating.

Change you filters at regular intervals

Dirty filters are one of the major causes of air handler sweating. The airflow is reduced due to blockage in filter. Consequently, the temperature of the air that reaches the evaporator coil goes down. The air being cool will not be able to give out enough heat to vaporize the refrigerant. The temperature of the coil will fall and it could freeze.

Leaky ducts

It is one of the major causes of sweating. Moisture and dirt trickle inside the HVAC system through the leaks. Repair leaks whenever you detect them.

Blockage of the drain pipe

If the drain pipe of the air handler is not working properly due to blockage or any other reason, it will cause sweating.

Check the temperature setting

Sometimes setting the temperature of the thermostat at dew point can cause moisture build-up in evaporator coils. This is the temperature at which condensation happens. Raising the temperature a bit higher can prevent this.

Do not buy an undersized unit

Do not try to save money by buying an undersized unit. It will cause host of problems which will nullify your saving. One of these is not able to expel moisture from the room air effectively.




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