How To Store Your Air Conditioner In Winter?

After the summer months are over and autumn is on its way, it is a good measure to store your portable or window unit for 6 to 8 months before they are required again to kill the heat. Here are a few tips for storing an air conditioner in the off season:

• First of all take out the air conditioner from the window, if you have a window unit. Before you remove it unplug your unit from the wall. Always keep a towel when you take it out as it can leak water and mess up the space. Open the window and detach the unit from the window frame with a few turn of screwdriver. Lift it a bit off the sill and slowly place it onto the towel. Always take someone’s help as lifting the heavy unit will not be good from econometric perspective. You may end up dropping it and destroying it as well.

• Always weather-strip the gap which has been created as a result of removing the air conditioner. It will prevent draft from entering the house in winter.

• Take a look at the filter. Change it, if it requires to be changed. If it is washable, clean it thoroughly with water and mild soap. Dry the filter. Be sure the filter has dried completely before reinserting it in the air conditioner.

• Also give the air conditioner unit a thorough cleaning. You can take a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Dab a sponge in the solution and use it to rub off all dirt and grease that may be sticking on the exterior body of the unit. Then, rinse the outside of the unit with water to remove all trace of vinegar mixture. Let the unit air dry. Storing a moist unit in an enclosed box will allow mold and mildew to breed in it.

• Clean the inside and back of the machine as well. You can do it by using a vacuum cleaner. Also clean the fins with brush attachment and an old toothbrush. Bent fins can be straightened with fin-comb.

• Use the original box of the machine to store it. If you have lost/disposed the box, use a tarp, sheet, or big and heavy-duty trash bag to wrap the machine. Be careful, as boxes and garbage bags can easily tear. Always keep the unit in upright position. Positioning it on its side or back can damage the compressor.

• After the unit has been packed to be shelved, use a dry and clean place to store your AC unit. Good options are the attic, dry basement, closet or utility room. Do not keep you A/c in the garage or outside storage room as small animals or insects can build up their nest inside the unit. It will make the unit infected with debris and germs. Rodents can damage the wiring. Do not store the unit in direct sunlight, or places with the frequent temperature swing. Sunlight will discolour the outer casing of the A/c. Keeping it in a moist place will lead to growth of mold and bacteria inside.




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