The Cost Factors Associated With Ac

The cost of repairing an air conditioner unit is dependant on various factors. They are oldness, timeline, efficiency and size, stress, maintenance and extent of damage


Every electrical appliance has a specific lifespan, so does air conditioners. On an average an air conditioner with good maintenance can last up to 15 years. As your unit ages it becomes more and more rickety as a result repairing it becomes more and more costly. You will often see frequent malfunctioning of various parts. In such conditions, it is always wise to replace the unit. A rule that is very popular in the HVAC industry is that multiplying the repair cost by the age of the unit. If more than $5,000, replace; do not repair. This rule is popularly called $5,000 rule.


The cost of repairing an A/c is at its peak in summer months when it is run continuously for 24X7. Most HVAC issues crop up at this time. The business of HVAC industry boom during this period, therefore their prices of repairs also shoot up. It is quite difficult to get a technician to inspect your unit. It is recommended to have an annual maintenance scheme for your air conditioner. The technician will come routinely at spring to tune up your unit before summer starts. They will ensure that unit will survive through the summer. If you have a maintenance scheme and your unit fails in summer, you will be entitled for emergency service. The technician would visit you the same day, you placed a service call with them.

Efficiency & Size

In 2006, a new HVAC rule came into effect for residential air conditioners, requiring all to have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 13 or higher. If your unit is efficient, the snags and faults that will cop in it will be smaller and lesser. It will require fewer repairs and the bills will be trimmer. Moreover if the size of the air conditioner is big it would require more work to be done to it. Size is sadly one cost factor.


The lesser stress the unit undergoes, the more will be its lifespan. So do all you can to make it last longer. A few steps that you can take are –

• Adjusting your thermostat; raise the thermostat whenever you are going out.
• Open your windows to let cool air come in and cool your rooms and let the A/c relax.
• Ensure your windows are weather-stripped; buy energy efficient windows.
• Plug all the holes in the house that allow leakage of cool air into the surrounding.
• Use celling fans as these can reduce room temperature by 4 degrees.
• Hang heavy drapes at the widows to prevent over-exposure of sunlight.
Keep your ducts clean and leakage-free.


Repair bills and their frequency depend on how well-maintained your unit is. You can have an annual maintenance scheme for your A/c. Usually, the technicians would come is spring to tune up your unit and detect and resolve small snags if they have developed. They will clean the unit and replace parts if required. They will also let you know about the status of your machine and suggest up gradation if required. Besides professional maintenance, you have to carry out certain maintenance at home too. They are -

• Changing Filter
• Close Open Spaces
• Clean Coils

Extend of Damage

The repair bill of an air conditioner will also depend on the type of damage that has occurred in it. If it just requires replacing the filter, the cost would not be more than $30. But replacing the compressor will be as high as $1,500. The more serious the issue, the more will be the repair cost.



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