What Is The Cost Of Repairing An Air Conditioner?


Most of us take our A/c units for granted, just like other electrical appliances in the house. We hardly maintain it at regular intervals either by ourselves or professionally. It is only when it breaks down in peak summer heat that we realized how important it is to make our lives comfortable inside the house. It has also been found that most A/cs breakdown in the middle of the summer when the temperature is surging to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. At such time it is difficult to find a repairman as they are already neck-deep in service calls. Here we will take a look at costs associated with various types of A/c repair-

• Detection of leaks in refrigerant lines and repairing them - would cost you between -$225-$1600
• If the refrigerant charge is low, recharging the unit would cost between - $200-$550
• Repairing a non-working circuit board can range between - $100-$590
• Buying parts such as fuses, circuit breakers or relays would come between -$75-$290
• Replacing the thermostat would range within- $60-$250
• Compressor hard start kit- $100-$250
• Replacing capacitor or contactor would rage in- $90-$400
• Compressor is a central part of an air conditioner. It is an expensive part. Replacement of condenser would cost between- $1350-$1800, varying with size and type
• Evaporator coil replacement: $650-$1200
• Condensing unit fan motor replacement: $100-$300
• Condensate pump replacement: $90-$250
• Condensate Drain Line Flush: $75 – $250
• Replacement Condensing Unit Coil: $1,900 – $2,900
• Metal or Plastic Drain Pans: $250 – $575

Besides this a service call to HVAC technician to come and look at your air conditioner unit would vary from $75 to $180. This will of course, differ from place to place. The time of HVAC professionals is at a premium during the hot summer months and cold winter months. So the prices will rise sky-high at these times. Thus we see that cost of repairing air conditioner is conspicuous. The best way to avoid frequent AC repair to is to have maintenance contract for your A/c. Your HVAC professional can perform a yearly tune-up of your system for around $80-$100. Regular servicing of your AC unit will fetch you a home inspector’s certification that that your unit is working properly. This will be very useful in the event of selling your house. It will increase the resale price of the house.

In the United States, A/c repair from low cost to high cost ranges from $75 to $1000. The bell curve of average home expenditure on repairing an A/cs ranges between $165 and $507.



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